Congratulations to next years Line Officers 2021Line Officers: Chief Jeremiah Shufelt 1st Asst. Nicholas Marini 2nd Asst. Peter Marini 3rd Asst. Larry Welker Capt. E38 Anthony Marini Capt. E68 Joshua ...
Saturday, October 16th, 2021
"75th" anniversary of the chartering of the West Walworth volunteer fire department celebration held at firehall.
Saturday, October 24th, 2020
The West Walworth Fire Department had the pleasure of taking Alexander Miller to Wayne Primary. He was selected to Ride a Fire Truck to School. He was accompanied by his sister, father and Principal T...
Tuesday, October 13th, 2020
Our annual fund drive has started for 2020.We have cancelled all our other fund raising activities due to the Covid 19 restrictions. Your help will be greatly appreciated and allows us to do something...
Officers 2022

Chief -  Jeremiah Shufelt(26-1)

1st Assistant-Nick Marini(26-2)

2nd Assistant- Pete Marini(26-3)

3rd Assistant- Larry Welker(26-4)

Captain E-68- Josh Welker(26-5)

Captain E-38- Antony Marini(26-6)

Captain M-46- Wil Piskorowski(26-7)

Captain M-70- Josiah Kenyon  (26-8)


President-Dave VanBortle

Vice -President-  Mike Marini

Secretary- George Watkins

Treasurer-Mike Adams

Finance Sec.- Josiah Kenyon

Board of Directors-

Jordan Patterson

Adam Lallucci

Tom Welker

Cody Szatkowski - Chairman

Robert LeMay

Sgt-At-Arms- Jim LaForty

Property Clerk

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